Interval Ownership in Beaver Creek


Is vacationing in Beaver Creek something you look forward to each year? Why not own your vacation residence here during the time you desire. Winter, summer, one week, one month? In addition to using your Condominium, you can use it to trade around the world with Interval International.

Discover The Benefits of Interval Ownership at Falcon Point in Avon

Interval ownership provides the opportunity to own a luxury vacation property for those who want to spend only a fraction of the time and money required by whole home ownership. It’s an innovative way to enjoy the comforts, amenities and location that you want without the worries and high expense of owning a vacation home entirely on your own. Best of all, you are a deeded owner of your share of the property.

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Avon has an abundance of year-round beauty and activities

Whether you want to relax and enjoy the mountain views or gear up for countless winter and summer adventures, Avon is at the heart of it all.

Own a Hassle Free Vacation Home

Ownership at Falcon Point is deeded property, not just rights to use the property. You can sell it, rent it, exchange it or include it in your will for your loved ones to enjoy. The ability to select the season, condominium type and number of weeks allows you to customize interval ownership to suit your vacation lifestyle. The costs of maintenance, utilities, taxes, upkeep and administration are kept to a minimum because they are divided among all the owners of the property.

Over the long term, interval ownership is more cost effective than renting. You benefit from the convenience and comfort of coming back to Falcon Point year after year or, you have the option to trade your week through Interval International and experience other amazing vacation getaways. As an owner, you have all the rights and privileges of other property owners because the property is fully deeded to you. Your ownership offers flexibility and is hassle free.

Now is a great time to invest in a fully furnished spectacular condominium or suite at Falcon Point at Beaver Creek.

Own your vacation!

Why Consider Interval Ownership?

Interval ownership (also called timeshare, vacation or fractional ownership) is a sensible way to own your own property for just the period of time you will use it.

Interval International operates a membership based program for vacation exchange. Located in Miami, Florida, the company has been a pioneer and innovator in serving the interval ownership market since 1976. Today, Interval has an exchange network of approximately 2,700 resorts in more than 75 nations. Interval offers high-quality products and benefits for about 2 million families who are enrolled in a variety of membership programs.

Over the long term, the cost of interval ownership is more effective than renting. In addition, you are better able to plan your vacations because you know where and when you will be going. Interval ownership is a wonderful compromise between whole ownership and renting. You only pay for what you use. Costs of maintenance, utilities, taxes, upkeep and administration are kept to a minimum because they are divided among all the owners of the property.

Interval International

In addition to using your condominium, you can use it to trade around the world with Interval International ( ), you may make the Condominium available for rental, or you can give it as a gift to friends and family.

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